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5P MISSION - Provide planning & management training, a network to mastermind, and long-term advisor support to business leaders in order to enable businesses to secure capital & establish processes for long-term sustainable growth-expansion by using the 
5P Military Management Method For The Modern Workforce


So, How Do You Develop Your Vision To Expand?
(AKA Lead Your Business Like A General)
To Get Your Team To Mission Success?

Major General Craig Whelden 
Talks About The Power Of 5P

From: Michael J. Penney
Rolesville, NC
Let me know if this happened to you...
As an entrepreneur or small business owner, there have been times in our lives where we've heard and we believed the idea of:

"If You Build It, They Will Come..."

And so we decide to start our businesses...
We go to school and get our degrees...
We create networks, build businesses...
Distribute our products, or start a service...
Whatever YOUR BUSINESS is...
Hoping that IF we create the best product or service, that people will come knocking on our door.

And then we see LITTLE SUCCESS, for our future dream team has yet to be assembled...

But unfortunately, the team never “just assembles”... 
Is that your story right now? Is that why you're here? 
Have you created something amazing, but you don't know HOW to get your dream team to follow your vision?
Or, does your story sound a little bit different?  
Maybe you have a product or service setup, and you're getting some serious sales (and growing) and getting good employees to come to you...
But the FEAR, of the next recession still lingers...
Or of the government shutting down, or even ban of your product or service, like so many others have experienced. It’s keeping you up at night wondering if you've built your business on a solid foundation. 
Have you ever thought... 

"If I Can't Get The Right Processes In Place Or The Right Team In Place...
Do I Even Have A Real Business?"

My name is Michael J. Penney, and I'm the author of this NEW book called 
5 Paragraph Business Plan – The Action Oriented Business Management Tool For Leaders (5P), and I don't think there is anyone on this planet who is as obsessed with management methods as I am. I’ve had the privilege of leading Marines and Sailors through Iraq & Afghanistan as an infantry patrol leader and advisor to Afghan para-military forces.   5P is based on the military operations order process.

 "5P Management Method" is based on the 
United States military's 240+ year old operations process.


The military operations process is how the U.S. Military maintains global accountability on a daily basis. From the time of the Spartans, this simple planning structure has enabled leaders to accomplish missions. During the American revolution a rabble-rouser band of colonists were whipped into a professional fighting force, thanks to Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben bringing the military operations order from Prussia to our American forces. In modern time great leaders have used the military operations order process to plan, coordinate, and execute advanced operations around the globe. With 5P Military Management Method, you manage your business like a General.

Just 3 short years ago, I launched 5P to share the military management method with business leaders across America. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2012, I studied entrepreneurship and management. I led companies through failures and successes by using the 240+ year old method we learned in the military and incorporating proven business practices.

When 5P opened on launch day, I needed to have a process in place to lead our people and help those who were begging for a simple method to achieve success...

And everyday after that, I needed to make sure I kept managing the process while delegating authority to carry out action.

To do that, I had to employ the military management method used in a variety of different business...

I couldn't rely on just a simple business plan, and some lean pipeline knowledge.

I had to employ a feedback loop to learn what my people on the ground knew and learn how we could do things differently... I had to be smarter.

Three Years And Thousands Of Tests Later...


Heroes Media Group

"5 Paragraph Business Plan makes it easier for anyone to start or manage a business of any size. This is a great tool to have!"
- Adam Bird, Chief Executive Officer

Mid-Michigan Health

"Empowering our leaders with 5 Paragraph Business Plan helps us better serve Michigan communities." 
- Tammy Terrell, Chief Nursing Officer

That was 3 years ago...
During that time, we almost lost 5P.

We had a great product and service, but it was very hard to get people to implement.

We tested everything...

If someone said this would enable us to teach more people, we tested it, on our own dime.

Most of the things we tried didn't work...

But a few of the things, the "REAL STRATEGIES" that did work started to compound on each other.

Each new strategy would help us to tap into a new concept how to build our dream team to achieve success!

What seemed impossible before (getting a cohesive team to implement the military management method in the modern work force), was now a reality.

Because the businesses using 5P for their business, are seeing as much as $270 Million In Annual Revenue!

And while that is a LOT of money, it's just ONE of my many possibilities for your business.


"I have found that the 5 Paragraph Business Plan is a perfect fit... I would highly recommend putting it to work for your business needs."
- Gabe Rocco, Director of Business Development

Management Consulting

"I've used this manual over and over again when consulting to Sr. Leadership across many different projects and industries, from Aerospace, Agtech, Clinical Research, Manufacturing and Banking." 
- Nic Joy

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections

"This will quickly become the 'Gold Standard' concerning planning and managing projects within my organization. Its content demonstrates and gives solid examples of how to take tasks, regardless of size or complexity, and systematically decompose them through a detailed planning process."
- David Hamilton

You can see testimonials from a few of our other 5P users, like this one sharing the VALUE of 5P. We’ve seen businesses 
grow from $2 Million to $20 Million and beyond!

5P Founder Michael J. Penney Shares His Philosophy At TEDx Raleigh

What leaders say about 5P Founder, Michael J. Penney

"Michael Penney is an extraordinarily gifted speaker, interviewer, and, dare I say, captivating thought leader/entertainer to the audiences that have the privilege of bearing witness to his gifts on display. I highly recommend him for media and live audience engagements where he can effortlessly tell stories that engage and inspire."  - Todd C.
"I have the privilege to work with Michael on a weekly basis. Michael is a diligent professional with a passion to add value to others lives. He is driven, honest, trustworthy and has exceptional organizational keenness to work with and lead others. He is a great asset to any organization that is lucky enough to have him."  - Adam B. 
"I had the honor, and more importantly the privilege, to lead Marines beside Michael in Sangin, Afghanistan. During that brief time, Michael was tasked with ensuring my platoon had all the critical information to conduct a solid turnover of the battlespace that his platoon had been occupying. Without his attention to detail, countless hours of support, meticulous standardization of standard operating procedures and sheer passion for ensuring our success, lives would have most certainly been lost. Michael's business vision and implementation follows the same core principles of when he was a leader of Marines overseas. Each article, publication, product, podcast and service all adorn those same rock solid principles in which he hardened in the core. His compassion for leading and ensuring success of his clients and partners are all directly in line with the importance he placed on his missions overseas. Michael is certainly a trusted agent and pillar in my network when it comes to strategy, all the way down to daily tactical initiatives. If you are looking for someone to network, brainstorm, contract, purchase from or collaborate, there is no better person." - Chris C. 
"I am currently working with Mike on a growth and expansion initiative that we are embarking on. I have found that the 5 Paragraph Business Plan is a perfect fit for our needs. Mike does an incredible job of taking his military experience and translating it into the civilian/corporate world. Mike is a strategist and he has helped us craft and create a culture of accountability that I've never seen before. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started or are in management and are trying to make something great, even better,  I would highly recommend putting Mike to work for your business needs." - Gabe R. 
"All you have to do to know Michael is watch the TEDx Raleigh presentation. This is who I have seen everyday since we met last year. Michael is a passionate and funny person with the leadership skills everyone says they are looking for. I have no hesitation to recommend my colleague and coworker Michael to lead your team to success." - Jim R. 

President Donald J. Trump
likes 5P

5P Military Management Method enables you to create an effective feedback loop for gathering information from your team increasing your efficiency through ACCOUNTABILITY!
This means sustainable growth, day in and day out like clockwork. There is currently so much money coming into these businesses each day, that they couldn’t slow down growth if they wanted to!

5P Military Management Method
Empowers Leaders At Every Rank

 "5P Management Method" is based on the 
United States military's 240+ year old operations process.

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